specialists in coagulation testing

Hypercoagulability Panel
This panel was designed for initial work-ups to measure the most significant causes of procoagulant states in patients suspected of being at risk for thrombosis.
Protein S Activity
Anti-Cardiolipin Antibody
Antithrombin III Activity
Russell Viper Venom Time (dilute)
Factor V Leiden Mutation (G1691A)
Factor VIII Activity
aPTT-LA (LA Sensitive Reagent)
Protein C Activity
Prothrombin Mutation (G20210A)
Preferred #
of Aliquots
per Aliquot
Sample Type
Processing Sample Source
2 1mL Serum Frozen  
6 1mL Citrated Plasma Frozen  
1 5mL EDTA Whole Blood Room Temp.  

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